Poster Design, 2017


Detroit Sip is a new coffeeshop opening in the Bagley neighborhood in Detroit. The owner is a proud Detroit native; she wanted to spread some of the revitalization that has been occurring in the downtown and midtown areas to her own neighborhood. The coffeeshop is located on a strip of mostly-empty commercial buildings, near a residential area, between two small colleges. The students and the surrounding community don't really mix, in part because there are no spaces to foster connections and mutual interests. Detroit Sip wanted to change that—to create a space where both the residents and the students could inhabit as their own. Detroit Sip also wanted to channel Detroit pride by selling food and drinks made in Detroit. 

The Design

I decided I wanted to do something more typographic because I wanted the message of the posters to be very clear and provide some guidelines for the space. I was taking inspiration from the idea of a "house rules" poster that would lay out what was expected in the space. I wanted the language to be specific to Detroit Sip—not just any coffeeshop. 


I then started on the computer, scanning in my sketches and hand-lettering and working with them in Illustrator. I took elements from all my sketches to create a new composition—one that combined rigidity with flowing type. I created a typeface for "Detroit Made" that looked more industrial and contrasted with the script "food spirit & people." I also played with the hierarchy and decided that "people" should be the word that stands out the most. 


Final Poster

For the final poster, I decided to brighten up the colors. While the brown colors referenced the coffee, they lacked the energy and excitement that Detroit Sip wanted to convey.

I also found that my previous iterations became too rigid. To alleviate this, I added a hand drawn border to ground the typography. I also added whimsical lines to emphasize the type. In order to make "Detroit Made" stand out as its own phrase, I changed the typeface of the words "our" and "are" to contrast it. I applied a halftone texture to the background and some grain to the type to give it depth and character.