Print Design, 2016

I designed a print campaign based on one object: the plastic pink flamingo.

For this project, I did extensive research into the history and culture of the lawn ornament. I wrote a short essay that provided the content for my publication. It traced the object through several decades, pointing to influencers and influences: mid-century color palettes, the plastic industry, kitsch and irony, among others.

To accompany the text, I decided to go with a collage-style for the interior of the publication. Photo documentation of the object was important to the story—seeing how its context has transformed through the years was best displayed in photos. Each section had a main collage and other images were displayed throughout the publication. 

For the typography, I channeled the flamingo's origins: 1951. For inspiration, I sought out vintage home magazines and advertisements. The result was classic and quirky with bold serifed typography and of course—a sprinkling of Futura. 



The catalogue, brochure, and postcard. 

Collages from inside the catalogue.

Collages from inside the catalogue.