Below I've included some images of my process on the visuals of the project. I started with wireframes from my sketches, looking at both side panel and floating panel options. At first, I imagined having a timeline that users are able to scroll through, but I have since included the option of a main 'menu' where users select which neighborhood they want to explore. More navigation buttons would be available inside the neighborhood view. 

Wireframe - Open Panel with Audio Copy 2.png
Wireframe - Open Panel with Audio Copy.png
Wireframe - Open Panel with Audio.png
Wireframe - Open Panel with Images.png
Timeline .png
S1 - Home.png
Screenshot 2017-10-31 13.39.56.png
Screenshot 2017-11-07 15.10.38.png

I originally tried an isometric style illustration, but my professor commented that this view points more emphasis on the style of the houses than the lawns, so I went back to an aerial view for the next couple of iterations. 

Screenshot 2017-11-14 16.37.01.png
Screenshot 2017-11-15 10.56.51.png
Screenshot 2017-11-22 17.36.25.png
Timeline  Copy 3.png
Timeline  Copy 5.png
Timeline  Copy 6.png
Timeline  Copy 4.png
Timeline  Copy 7.png